Guarantee: Spiritual transformation is based on many factors. We use our decades of expertise and knowledge to facilitate this for you to the best of our ability. While we can attest to the fact that a significantly large number of our students and pilgrims experience deep transformation year after year through our proven methods, we cannot guarantee that you, too, will have the same experience.

Influencing Factors: In the same way, we can attest to numerous students in our online programs, trainings and private coaching who have had great success with our methods. We cannot however guarantee that your experience will be similar as there are numerous factors that can determine your outcome, not the least of which is how you apply yourself. The more honest you are and the better you follow our direction and guidance, the greater the likelihood of you having the successes and positive results experienced by many of our students.

Education: Our Yoga of Sound products, programs and events, our Private One-on-One Spiritual Coaching programs, and spiritual transformation programs in our online Yogic Mystery School ™ are all powerful programs focusing on spiritual healing and enlightenment. They are however forms of education and personal empowerment that do NOT substitute for regular medical help, therapy or any other professional or certified help.

Responsibility: It is your responsibility, and yours alone, to check with a medical or health professional before and or during undertaking any of the practices and methods we teach as forms of education in order to determine whether or not any condition you have may be compatible with it. We are NOT health or medical professionals. We are educators providing information that many have found very useful and powerful and have derived success from implementing in their lives.

Holistic: We know without a doubt from our own successes in every area of our lives that there are numerous factors that effect our well being apart from the spiritual methodology we use. What we choose to eat, where we chose to go, what we chose to do, how we chose to think and feel, the radio and tv we expose ourselves to, articles we read, how we conduct ourself in private as well as in public. It is the totality of who we are and what we do that combine to create our success. In other words, our approach is holistic. The more holistic your approach, the more you will benefit from our methodology.