INITIAL COACHING CONSULTATION: If you don't know me, and you are unsure about taking a first step, choose this initial coaching consultation, which is not a coaching session. And there is no obligation for you to proceed beyond it. We only proceed forward with coaching if both of us determine we are a good fit for one another. If not, you can choose get your money back; or you may apply it to any of our online programs. The $35 is mainly to ensure that you answer some basic, non-invasive questions and that you show up for the session. If you don't show up for the session, you can still use your $35 towards a coaching package or online program, so there is absolutely no fear of risk. 

BASIC 2-WEEK COACHING: This is for anyone willing to take a first step with confidence. I stand by my 30 years of teaching experience and the reputation I have built internationally from the ground up. You will receive one in-depth coaching session along with some of my basic coaching tools that you can access for a fortnight. You can decide how to proceed from there. You cannot expect to turn your life around in one session. But you can gain a powerful sense of where you are and what you can do to turn it around. This is an insight session, a perspective builder. Plus you will receive method and advice from me as well so you can act on it.

ENHANCED ONE MONTH COACHING: This choice shows you are really serious about turning your life around, that you desire to evolve spiritually, and that you wish to develop your life and/or your lifework in new and powerful ways. You will receive a full month of access to my most powerful coaching tools. You will also receive two, in-depth coaching session. Plus you get one of our signature online programs worth $295, one that will actually assist you at the present time with your present needs. With all that you receive from this month of coaching, you can decide about going forward either with or without my help. You would receive a real taste of what it feels like to combine your energies with mine, as well as feel the effects of my energies, my practice, and my insights upon your spiritual goals.