at Kula Yoga Shala: 400 Toney Penna Drive Suite F, Jupiter, FL 33458

And join us for an all-day, "how-to" workshop on Sat Apr 8, 2017

sat workshop

Saturday Daylong Workshop 10 am — 4 pm


How to add the powerful component of mantra to the sacred architecutre of your existing yoga or spiritual practice

For many of us whose personal practice consists of asana, pranayama and meditation, the fourth element of mantra can add potent dimensions that include enhanced spiritual energy, kriya and kundalini shakti, as well as induce deep states of stillness, as in samadhi. Building on what he has previously shared on mantra with the Kula Yoga Shala community, Mantra Master and Nada Yogi, Russill Paul, will help you expand your existing spiritual practice to include this powerful aspect of sacred sound, “mantra”, meaningfully and effectively. In this workshop, you will learn the important types of mantras you need for a — yogic lifestyle, where to introduce them into daily practice, and specific ways of using them to configure your spiritual energies. And, as yoga teachers and practitioners, you will learn how to effectively incorporate mantra into your hatha asana practice. Russill Paul has condensed his three decades of knowledge and spiritual experience around mantra into this powerful one-day program that you do not want to miss.

Advance Sign Up Advantages: When you sign up for this workshop in advance, by (insert date here), you will be sent Russill new Ultimate Mantra Template, an extensive 27-page booklet to help you prepare for this one-of-a-kind program that is being offered for the first time ever, not just at Kula Yoga Shala, but anywhere. In addition, you will receive Russill’s post-workshop notes and highlights.


10:00 — 11:00 am Session 1

Stretch Break

11:20 am—12:30 pm Session 2

Lunch Break

1:30 pm—3:00 pm Session 3

Stretch Break

3:20 pm—4:00 pm Session 4


om gam ganapataye namaha
siddhi vinayaka namo namah
ganapati bapa moria




Shamanic Mantra Journeys and Ecstatic Kirtan

Chant, Dance and Trance

Join us for an unusual kirtan experience during which we will not only chant and dance wildly to ecstatic kirtans, but also travel deep into hidden realms of yogic consciousness through powerful guided mantra meditations. Come prepared to go on a cosmic trip in your astral body!

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 1.37.22 PM

Sunday Retreat with Scott and Russill
DAYLONG RETREAT with Russill Paul and Scott Feinberg
A day of rejuvenation and replenishment, this daylong retreat involves asana, pranayama and meditation practice with live music followed by savasana in healing “sound beds” created live by Scott and Russill.
Our yogic journey will take us deep into the three gunas (energetic qualities) of tamas, rajas and sattva while relating them to specific Tantric goddesses: Lakshmi, Saraswati and Durga. The day unfolds into deeper levels of healing music and mantras coupled with yoga that moves from rajasic to sattvic while we explore the subtle terrains of consciousness. 
The day will be divided into three parts, one for each guna, with each session's savasana followed by a meditative sound bed and samadhi meditations. We will conclude the retreat with a very special, sacred healing Tantric ritual. “Sound Beds” are powerful and profound “energy structures” created by a live sound. They faciliate deep healing. You will be in savasana during these times.
Advance Sign Up Advantage: When you sign up for this workshop in advance, by March 8th, you will be given access to the introductory sessions to “The Union of Mantra and Asana”, Scott and Russill’s collaborative retreat presented at the Omega Institute in NY last year. Scott and Russill Paul together bring more than half a century of practice and teaching expertise to what they offer you collaboratively.
11am — 4:30pm
Session 1: 11:00am—12:30pm
Tamas and Durga
Session 2: 1:00pm—2:30pm
Rajas and Lakshmi
Session 3: 3:00pm—4:30pm
Satwa and Saraswati

SAT APR 8: Learn to build your personal mantra practice all day. This workshop is designed to inform, empower and enlighten your spiritual practice with mantra, regardless of your experience level. The evening's ecstatic kirtan is a celebration.

SUN APR 9: This day-long retreat will help you rejuvenate, recharge and restore balance. Collaboratively offered by Russill Paul and Scott Feinberg (A Yoga Teacher's Teacher), the rich unfolding of diverse yoga practices is on "Balancing Gunas with Goddesses". View Webinar below.

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